About Malhari Projects!

We Safeguard The Environment

We provide Hazardous Waste Disposal Machine to bulk waste generators. It would be done by Infrared Pyrolysis Technology.

Purpose & Values

At Malhari Projects, our purpose is to revolutionize waste management for pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Fuelled by a commitment to environmental stewardship, we have developed cutting-edge technology that transforms hazardous solid waste into non-toxic air.

Our value proposition lies in the seamless integration of innovation and sustainability, providing our clients with unparalleled solutions. With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize the safety and regulatory compliance crucial to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Company History

Pioneering innovation since 2020, our company has evolved into a global leader in Waste Management.


Proof Of Concept Developed

- Concept checked, Converted Waste to Air

Validating Proof of Concept

- Air pollution Control Unit, Emissions controlled

Validated Proof of Concept

- Hazardous waste trial, Emissions controlled

Pilot Plant developed

- Scalability Proof, Converted Continuous Waste to Air

Quality for the Environment

We uphold the highest standards of quality and safety, evidenced by our ISO, CE, and FDA certifications, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our professional endeavors.