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What type of waste we can process in this?

  • The machine can treat multiple categories of waste including Municipal, Biomedical, hazardous chemicals, ETPs, capsules, pharmaceuticals, dyes and intermediates, APIs, drugs & formulations, MEE, Spray driers, Sludges, Distilled residues, Spent carbons, etc…

What is the size and capacity you can provide?

  • The machine ranges from 25 Kg/hr to 100 Kg/hr and more. This is a continuous system that helps to execute pyrolysis constantly.

Do you provide customization as per the necessity?

  • Yes, the plant is customized according to parameters of moisture, output, and input ways.

What is the product, or can I customize it?

  • The machine works on the principle of Pyrolysis, so whatever waste is added to it, the waste would be converted to non-toxic air, which can be easily released from the chimney. The output can be modified to fuels, moisture-less content, vacuumized, processed materials, etc.

What are the consumables and energy consumption?

  • The energy consumption ranges as per the categories of the waste which is around 0.19 KW/Kg to 0.33 KW/Kg. The consumables are only electricity and water for scrubbing media.

What benefits do we get?

  • The benefits the machine can provide are Operations cost optimization, no allocation for a waste storage facility, fulfilled ESG Compliances, Carbon offset, Sustainable plant operations, Export & Import benefits, etc.

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